4 Disadvantages of Learning with Devices

Educational technology is an integral part of student learning, especially now. Although does that not mean that there are no disadvantages in using devices for learning.

So, here are the cons of using devices for learning.

Distractions – Technology can be a minefield of distractions. Ads, pop-ups, games, news, fun websites, social media, text messages, and more are constantly competing for our attention. Students are not exempted. According to research, 42% of the time students use their smartphones in the classroom, during class time, to text, tweet, or engage in social media rather than the lesson. This means teachers face the challenge of keeping students on task. In these cases, the use of app lock and other features of mobile device management where all app or devices can be put-away may help to keep everyone on task.

Cheating – Cheating has always existed, yet technology has made it even easier in some ways. Students can copy and paste each other’s work into their assignments, all it takes is a single group message to exchange the answers. They can even search the Internet for other people’s works and submit them as their own.

Less human interaction – Interacting with people online varies greatly from interacting with them in person. When students use tech devices, they have less human interaction. Teachers and parents worry that lack of face-to-face interaction will leave students unable to effectively communicate and interact in-person.

Excessive screen time – It can often seem that students are constantly in front of a device — cell phones, tablets, computers, and gaming devices are prevalent in their lives. Children often lose track of time when they are using a device. Hence, adding technology to the classroom increases the overall amount of exposure to electronic devices.


Many schools are adapting to the implementation of using devices in classrooms. It has a downside as we have discussed. Hence, if a school is going to allow and/or encourage the use of digital devices in the classroom, figuring out a solution like the use of mobile device management can be effective to solve these problems or drawbacks can be kept to a minimum.

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