4 Misconceptions of MDM: Debunked

Are you also hesitant to use MDM because you’re afraid or concerned about some privacy issues? But, what is MDM?

What is MDM?

MDM stands for Mobile Device Management. It is an industry term for managing mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablet computers, and laptops. MDM is implemented through the use of 3rd party products or MDM software that has a suitable management feature.

With the use of MDM software, companies or schools can wirelessly monitor, manage, and secure their mobile devices to ensure device performance and safe use of the device. Thus, with these features, many people have concerns about what MDM can further do with their devices.

Whether you’ve thought about it also or not, we’re here to share with you some of the most common misconceptions about mobile device management so you can have a better understanding of how your devices are being managed.

1. They can remotely control my device – While it’s true that the whole point of MDM software is to be able to manage the devices like install and remove apps, install or remove profiles, clear passcode, send a message to students device, but that doesn’t mean your school’s or company’s IT administrator can be able to move files around or send messages on your behalf.

2. They can read my messages – the IT team will not have access to your texts, emails, or any other personal messages. Generally, MDM protocol does not provide IT the ability to access data within apps on a device not included in the solution they provide, including text messaging apps.

3. They Can View My Photos, Camera, and App Content – Similar to the information above IT administrators can manage profiles or apps in line in line with the school’s iPad policy. Eschoolpad’s list of features includes: Disable App, Store/Installation/Removal of Apps, Delay iOS update, Disallow Apple Music, Disable Camera, Disable Game Center, Disable Family Sharing, etc. Viewing of photos and app content that is not included in the solution IT team cannot access.

4. It Makes my device less secure – Some might think of these because they thought they’re breaching their privacy. But that isn’t the case, generally, the whole point of MDM is to maintain a high caliber of security to protect its end-users while allowing them to preserve their personal freedoms. In eschoolpad schools, teachers, students, and parents can guarantee secure data privacy while allows managing student’s devices to have better engagement and enhanced learning in or out of school.

Have you thought of these MDM myths also?

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