4 Advantages of Devices in learning

Right now, especially in our situation where the pandemic is still present, technology in education has become essential. Even before 2020, many schools are implementing the use of devices in the classroom, adapting to #BYOD policy. Whether face-to-face learning or online, no doubt devices have definite advantages when implemented correctly.

So here are some of these advantages:

Variety of resources – Using devices in schools provide learners and teachers with plenty of valuable resources. From apps and e-books to organizational platforms, there’s no deficit of tools that can transform learning in the classroom more fun and engaging. For instance, YouTube has many educational channels and videos that contribute to bringing learning to life. Using Google Expeditions offers many virtual reality field trips for students and teachers.

Efficiency – Learning becomes more efficient as a result of technological advances. Routine, time-consuming tasks, such as keeping track of student attendance and performance, can be automated. Attendance, grades, and behavior referrals are often made online these days and shared immediately between students, teachers, and parents.

Up-to-date information – Technology allows teachers and students to have immediate access to up-to-date information. Revisions to hard-copy materials previously took place over periods of months or even years, updates to online textbooks happen almost instantly.

Students have control – Students who want to learn more about a topic can research it online using Google or other search engines. The internet could provide you with a wealth of information on any topic. You can quickly find everything you need to know on the internet. A simple online search provides many reliable sources. Although not all the time, certain information may still be used as educational resources. If a student needs help with homework, free tutorials and explanations are usually just a few clicks away, even without the assistance of their teachers or parents.

Thus, devices are powerful tools that positively impact learning if will use them effectively. Technology can open more doors and provide new experiences.

But does that not mean that there are no disadvantages of using devices in learning?

What is it?

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